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Another mogen clamp lawsuit – botched circumcision

The Schmidt firm reported in April 23 that the parents of a boy who had his glans partially amputated during a neonatal circumcision in 2010, have filed a lawsuit against several companies that make or sell the Mogen clamp.

Mogen clamp

Mogen clamp

Now, the Mogen clamp has a known reputation for an increased risk of partial or total amputation of the glans and/or the penis. This is because unlike other devices, the mogen clamp does not protect the glans and forces the operator to cut without visualizing.

Is this really new information? No, and many of the following facts are also mentioned in the lawsuit:

In 2000, the FDA warned about the potential for injury from the Mogen and Gomco clamps for circumcision, after 105 reports of such injuries between 1996 and 2000. The devices however were not recalled nor modified. Injuries continued occurring, however the warning was later on archived.

In 2010, a single lawsuit resulted in a 11 million dollars settlement, after a complete amputation of the glans with a Mogen clamp. However, Mogen Circumcision Instruments was already in default after another 7.5 million dollars lawsuit (over a similar injury) in 2007, and was already going out of business.

In May of 2013, CircWatch / CircLeaks called the intactivist community to action after learning of a medical trial at the Good Samaritan hospital, comparing the Gomco and Mogen clamps to see which one caused less (or more) complications and pain. Five months later, Intact America and a group of intactivists protested outside the Good Samaritan hospital. The Good Samaritan responded that “the circumcision study compares two medically accepted circumcision processes” – but they failed to mention the FDA warning, or the millionaire lawsuits over penile amputations with Mogen clamps, or that a manufacturer had gone out of business due to those lawsuits.

Intactivists protest at the Good Samaritan

Intactivists protest at the Good Samaritan

Well, now we are finding about this new lawsuit. The case is not new, the injury occurred in 2010. But, could it have been prevented if the medical community had been more proactive over the FDA warning? More attentive of the lawsuits over penile injuries?

Perhaps this new lawsuit, filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas against three Pennsylvania-based companies that sell the Mogen Clamp, including Misdom-Frank Corporation, Sklar Corporation, and Medco Inc., may bring some recalls, but will this really change anything?

BTW, in December of 2014 the FDA recalled a number of Mogen clamps from some manufacturers, including Boss Instruments, Millennium Surgical, Symmetry Surgical, Medline Industries, CareFusion and others. According to the text, “The reason these devices are being withdrawn from the market by Instrumed is that Instrumed did not market these devices prior to September 26, 1976, and therefore, does not meet all FDA requirements to market the devices as “Pre-Amendment” devices.”

And yet Mogen clamps can be purchased on ebay under $15, without license. What hope is there for our boys to ever be protected?

Mogen clamps on eBay

Mogen clamps on eBay – 5/8/2015


Morris and Cox playing around again – so who are they again?

Sexual Medicine is publishing an article by Brian Morris, Guy Cox and John Krieger, titled “Histological Correlates of Penile Sexual Sensation: Does Circumcision Make a Difference?“.  2 years ago Morris and Krieger had published “Does male circumcision affect sexual function, sensitivity or satisfaction”, in which they said they would soon review the histological studies, so this must be their follow up.

(Please note, in this particular post we evaluate the “no conflict of interest” disclosure of the paper – we will soon take the time to actually respond to the paper).

The appearance of Guy Cox as coauthor is most interesting for us, and particularly its timing.  Almost one year ago we posted an expose of Guy Cox, a former coworker of Brian Morris at University of Sydney, and who used the pen-name of James Badger to publish papers about circumcision, to interact in circlist, to write fiction about circumcision, to review his own articles and fiction in a non-credited website, etc.

Guy Cox, University of Sydney honorary associate professor and circumcision advocate

Guy Cox/James Badger

On March 17th of this year, we received a comment on our article from someone identified as James Badger, accusing us of publishing “a lot of hot air”, acknowledging his identity as Guy Cox, and failing to dispute any of the issues we exposed. You can see the comment – and our response- in the expose.

We responded reiterating some of our questions. One important question was about a very peculiar site that promoted a chastity undergarment for teenagers to prevent masturbation -except with parental permission. This site,, had a contact address which matches lemonred, the hosting company (owned by Guy Cox’s son, Cassian). James Badger had presented this website to circlist as something he found out about. The site also promoted high and tight circumcisions as a way of making masturbation more difficult for the teenagers.

We shared the news that James Badger had commented on our post, and waited to see if he would respond. He didn’t.

Well, when we saw this new paper by Morris, and realized that Guy Cox (James Badger) was one of the coauthors, we were certainly intrigued. And just a couple of nights ago as we were talking with friends about this mess, we went to check the boyguard site and found it down!

Of course this deserved attention, so the first thing we did was check ownership of the domain. One year ago, the registrar for boyguard was private, but the DNS records showed that it was hosted by lemonred (Cassian Cox, Guy’s son). Well, today, the registrar is “SYNERGY WHOLESALE PTY LTD” but the DNS records are still managed by lemonred. The DNS records are simply not pointing to an active website right now.

Boyguard domain resell

Boyguard domain resell

So who is Synergy Wholesale? It’s a company who resells domains. In other words, Guy Cox/James Badger is trying to get rid of the boyguard domain. Of course, after ignoring our questions regarding this website.


So, now, back to this new paper. It says:

Conflict of Interest: The authors report no conflicts of interest.”

Really? No conflict of interest whatsoever?

How about Brian Morris’ book, “In favour of circumcision”?

How about Brian Morris’ website,

How about the interesting details in Brian Morris’ website, such as his link #16 (to a password protected circumfetish fiction website)? Or his links to fictitious doctors’ websites (James Badger, Pierre Lacock)?

How about “James Badger”‘s website,, linked by Brian Morris and credited to a pen-name?

How about “James Badger”‘s constant interaction in circlist?

How about “James Badger”‘s erotic fiction including the topic of circumcision, such as his “Airport Encounter” book?

How about Brian Morris and Guy Cox’s cooperation on text for “The surgical guide to circumcision”? – Especially considering that neither Brian Morris nor Guy Cox are licensed physicians or have ever performed a circumcision?

How about Guy Cox’s article, “De Virginibus Puerisque: The Function of the Human Foreskin Considered from an Evolutionary Perspective” – where he hypothesizes that the function of the human foreskin is to “form an obstacle to early coitus”?

How about the constant promotion of circumcision by the authors?

Are we sure there is no conflict of interest? None whatsoever?

I simply don’t understand how anyone in the medical community can give any credibility to these individuals.


Kenya: NGO forcibly circumcising children – our tax dollars in use

Daily Nation Kenya reported anxiety over several cases of children who were forcibly circumcised by a NGO, “Impact Research and Development Organization”. Allegedly a car from this organization lured boys with candy and drove them to a hospital for circumcision, without any information or consent from their parents. Many of these boys were from cultures where circumcision is not accepted or tolerated.

Sila Boit, Uasin Gishu County Executive for Health (right) and Dr Evans Kiprotich, Director of Health Services in the county talks to boys from Kapsoya Estate in Eldoret Town at the Kapsoya Health Centre on April 22, 2015, where they were taken for check-up, after they were allegedly forcefully circumcised by an NGO. PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Sila Boit, Uasin Gishu County Executive for Health (right) and Dr Evans Kiprotich, Director of Health Services in the county talks to boys from Kapsoya Estate in Eldoret Town at the Kapsoya Health Centre on April 22, 2015, where they were taken for check-up, after they were allegedly forcefully circumcised by an NGO. PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Three officers from the NGO were arrested and booked at Kapsoya Police Post.

Let’s remember that the circumcision programs in Africa are supposed to be voluntary (VMMC – Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision).

In November of 2012, the CDC acknowledged this organization, Impact Research and Development Organization, in an article about progress in voluntary medical male circumcision programs in Kenya.

According to a post dated in 2011 on Impact Research and Development Organization’s website, “IRDO’s Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision program is supported by PEPFAR through a cooperative agreement with Center for Disease Control (CDC)” – So there you have it folks, our tax dollars paying for forceful circumcision of children in Kenya.


Circumcision in Florida, arrest if you do, arrest if you don’t

We have recently mentioned the case of a South Florida mother who is hiding in a domestic violence shelter to protect her 4 year old son from a judge mandated circumcision, over a parental agreement signed during the first year of life of her child.

As reported by the Sun Sentinel on March 10th, in spite of knowing that the child has no medical need for circumcision, Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen “mentioned [the] benefits [...], and called the procedure “very, very safe.”

Judge Gillen

“Circumcision is very, very safe” ~ Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen

The Sun Sentinel also reports that Judge Gillen said “I will allow her to avoid incarceration or get out of jail if she signs the consent to the procedure” .

Just a few days later, March 25, another Floridian mother, this one in Seminole County, did subject her baby to a “routine procedure” and allowed the baby to bleed for hours before seeking help (the specific procedure is not named but there is no doubt about what routine procedure can cause a male baby to bleed from his genitals).

After obtaining help, the mother was asked to follow up the next day, but she failed to show up. Did she have any reasons to trust the doctors after almost losing her baby?

The mother was arrested on charges of child neglect.

There is no doubt that her child was in danger of dying. However, was she expected to act differently?

We looked at a few discharge instructions sheets. One from Seattle Children’s Hospital indicates: “If bleeding occurs, apply constant, gentle pressure with a gauze pad to the penis for five minutes” and instructs to call the doctor when there is “Bleeding that cannot be stopped after five minutes of pressure has been applied”.

The University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital instructs that “The penis will swell a little, or it may bleed a little around the incision” and to call the health provider if there is “Bleeding that isn’t stopped by applying gentle pressure

One from Memorial Childbirth Center, from the Beacon Health System, indicates that “The most common complication is bleeding. In most cases bleeding is controlled by direct pressure. Use a gauze wrap and squeeze the area of bleeding for three minutes. If bleeding stops, leave the gauze in place. If it doesn’t stop, apply pressure again. In cases of continued fresh bleeding, please call the baby’s doctor for further instructions“.

Well, that’s the procedure that Judge Gillen calls “very, very safe“. Apparently one of the new risks of circumcision is that it can land you in jail, at least if you live in Florida. Now, according to the CDC, the risks for children over the age of 1 are 20 times greater than for neonates. So perhaps Judge Gillen should reconsider his own medical beliefs.

Diaper from a baby bleeding abnormally after circumcision

Diaper from a baby bleeding abnormally after circumcision