CIRCUMCISION: Lies and Fetishism at the University of Sydney

It is generally well-accepted that a researcher or expert that seeks to convince by a claim of authority or by personal observation needs to be objective, impartial and dispassionate; an audience can only evaluate information from such a source if they know about conflicts of interest that may affect its objectivity and credibility. Thus, before  an audience evaluates information from a source, conflicts of interest need to be declared or identified. The personal background and affiliations of researchers can reveal hidden biases and prejudices.

Having eccentric associates does not make one an eccentric, but sometimes friends, coworkers, etc., mutually enable each other by serving as echo chambers to each other. Let’s take a look at Brian Morris, and let’s see how he relates to some friends and fellow researchers, Guy Cox and James Badger. How do they relate?

The characters

Brian Morris

Brian Morris

The University of Sydney staff directory presents Guy Cox as an Honorary Associate Professor, botanist and microscopist, and no mention is made of his interest in circumcision or the role of the foreskin. However some of his interest has managed to creep onto servers at the University of Sydney; one of his papers on circumcision and the foreskin is actually stored in these servers, as will be shown in the next paragraphs.

Guy Cox, University of Sydney honorary associate professor and circumcision advocate

Guy Cox

Brian Morris and Guy Cox are co-authors of chapters 19 and 21 of the book “Surgical Guide to Circumcision” by By David A. Bolnick, Martin Koyle, Assaf Yosha

Text co-authored by Brian Morris and Guy Cox

Text co-authored by Brian Morris and Guy Cox

Guy Cox published an article on Medical Hypothesis called: “De Virginibus Puerisque: The Function of the Human Foreskin Considered from an Evolutionary Perspective” in which he refers to a survey performed by James Badger and thanks Badger for making his data available. A copy of the pdf file is stored on the servers of University of Sydney (url: Is the University of Sydney aware of the existence of this article by Guy Cox stored on their server, outside his particular career path?

Guy Cox's paper

Guy Cox’s paper

Guy Cox thanks James Badger

Guy Cox thanks James Badger

James Badger published a two part circumcision survey on Australian Forum magazine, 1989. Australian Forum is not a peer-reviewed scientific or medical publication.

Badger's survey on circlist

Badger’s survey on circlist

Brian Morris’ website identifies James Badger as a “University of Sydney biomedical scientist” who “used to regard himself as neutral on the issue of circumcision, but would now appear swayed by the evidence into adopting a ‘pro’ stance”.

Morris cites Badger

Morris cites Badger

Circlist (a website and discussion group for men who sexually fantasize about performing and receiving circumcisions) identifies James Badger as one of its members and has 6 surveys by Badger on different aspects of circumcision, such as masturbation, urination, emotions, attitudes, etc.

Circlist identifies Badger as a member

Circlist identifies Badger as a member

A PowerPoint presentation by Brian Morris on the topic of circumcision, which can still be found on the server of University of Sydney, makes reference to the “first ever survey by a USyd academic in 1989″ (slide 35) – the survey by James Badger.

Slide 35 of Brian Morris' PowerPoint presentation

Slide 35 of Brian Morris’ PowerPoint presentation

A curious fact, slide 6 of the same PowerPoint file shows a picture of Morris with a small group of Sub-Saharan boys during the preparation for their circumcisions, with emphasis on the close up of an old razor hanging from the necklace of one of the boys, a razor that will be used to remove his foreskin. Traditional circumcisions in Africa account for many yearly deaths, mutilations (loss of the penis), life threatening infections and other complications, as denounced on the Ulwaluko website.

Slide 6

Slide 6 – Notice the razor

But the existence of James Badger poses a new mystery.

James Badger

James Badger

Morris’ book “In Favour of Circumcision” reveals that James Badger is a pen-name for the purposes of the Forum survey and debate in general. See note 168 on page 93.

Morris identifies Badger as a pen-name

Morris identifies Badger as a pen-name

Searches on the University of Sydney’s staff directory for James Badger return empty. Further searches for a Sydney scientist named James Badger also return empty.

So now that we know something about our characters, let’s develop the story.

Lies and fetishism

Brian Morris’ original website was hosted on the servers of the University of Sydney, where he and Guy Cox were professors. The old url, now inactive, was (archive)

Old Morris site on the server of University of Sydney

Old Morris site on the server of University of Sydney

Brian Morris’ website has a page of links and resources. On 2007, the second link listed was, and, as revealed on the Wayback Machine  (a tool that saves snapshots of websites at different times), between parenthesis it used to read “Dr. Guy Cox, Australia” (see archive).

In 2007 Morris identified aboutcirc as authored by Guy Cox

In 2007 Morris identified aboutcirc as authored by Guy Cox

On December of 2011, the University of Sydney asked Morris to remove his website from their servers.

Message from Chris Coffey announcing the decision to have Brian Morris remove his website from the University of Sydney servers

Message from Chris Coffey announcing the decision to have Brian Morris remove his website from the University of Sydney servers

Morris found a new hosting service, a company called Lemonred, and moved his website there. (Before Lemonred, Morris’ site moved temporarily to Trinidad and Tobago).

Currently, the first link on the page of links and resources remains However the parenthesis now read “James Badger, Australia”.

Currently Morris attributes aboutcirc to James Badger

Currently Morris attributes aboutcirc to James Badger

According to Robert Darby, historian interested on the topic of circumcision, James Badger is really Guy Cox. This seems to be supported by Morris’ diverging attribution of the author of the website. It seems ironic then, that Guy Cox, on his paper about the function of the foreskin, would quote James Badger’s survey and thank him for authorizing the use of his data. If they are really the same person, this would be disrespectful of the general public.

Robert Darby discusses James Badger

Robert Darby discusses James Badger

Brian Morris is known for self-referencing openly in third person: “researchers have demonstrated”, “experts criticized”, etc. A good example of this is his recent article, coauthored with Tomas Wiswell and Stefan Bailis and published by Mayo Clinic Proceedings, which is said to be a literature review: out of 80 references, 12 are articles and studies co-authored by Brian Morris himself.

Self-referencing Morris

Self-referencing Morris

So now let’s go back to the University of Sydney on December of 2011 asking Morris to remove his website, and Morris finding a new hosting service, Lemonred.



Internet records show that Lemonred’s domain is owned by Cassian Cox, who happens to be the son of Guy Cox.

Further investigation reveals that Lemonred also hosts:

  • Guy Cox’s personal website (Guy Cox Software). In a web design section, this site lists two websites as examples of their work: Male Circumcision ( and Claude Cox Old and Rare Books ( – notice the last name.
Guy Cox Website

Guy Cox Website

guycoxpage2 has a section for book reviews, and one of the books is called “airport encounter” by James Badger, described as “a light-hearted story about an Australian choirboy and his friends, this books follows the life and loves of a group of boys and girls as they grow from children into teenagers. Circumcision is a major theme as, naturally, is music. It is quite sexually explicit at times“. The contact to buy this book happens to be, surprise! Claude Cox, the British librarian.

Reviews on Aboutcirc

Reviews on Aboutcirc

Would it also be a surprise that James Badger’s website would make a review of one erotic fiction book which includes circumcision, whose author is also James Badger, who is a “University of Sydney biomedical scientist” and “used to regard himself as neutral on the issue of circumcision” but is also “a circumcision pen-name“? (all italics are literal words by Brian Morris)

The other book reviewed is “The surgical guide to circumcision”, which, as we mentioned earlier, includes two chapters written in collaboration by Brian Morris and Guy Cox!

  • There is another website hosted by lemonred (and most likely owned by Guy Cox himself) which deserves particular attention. The website is called and offers a product for boy chastity. The purpose of the website seems to be to promote this product to control children’s sexuality, aided by “high and tight” circumcisions.

    boyguard website

    boyguard website

The site states: “We are strongly in favour of circumcision for all boys. (…) If you are considering circumcision for your boy, make sure it is done properly, with the foreskin completely removed. The glans (knob) should be completely uncovered and there should be no surplus skin on the shaft of the penis. Otherwise the hygiene benefits may not be fully realized. (…) So the skin will stretch to allow for the firmest erection, and this is the desired outcome – the skin should be stretched tight when the penis is erect.

While we do not subscribe to the 19th century notion that circumcision prevents masturbation, there is no doubt that this type of circumcision makes it more difficult, and so if a boy does get access to his penis in an unguarded moment he is less able to succumb to temptation. In particular, if he has seen an uncircumcised or partly-circumcised boy abusing himself, he will be quite unable to mimic what he has seen.

boyguard - in favour of circumcision

boyguard – in favour of circumcision

(The first sentence almost seems as a direct reference to the title of Brian Morris’ book: “In favour of circumcision”).

It is worthy of note that James Badger (AKA Guy Cox)’s survey includes observations about the difference in masturbation techniques between circumcised and uncircumcised males.

It was also “James Badger” who on April of 2013 announced to the inter-circ Yahoo Group to the existence of the Boyguard website, while pretending not to have any relation to it.

Badger announces Boyguard to the inter-circ Yahoo group

Badger announces Boyguard to the inter-circ Yahoo group

Incidentally, the Inter-circ group is, in its own words, “a global male circumcision appreciation group encouraging discussion of the pros and cons of circumcision as an adult. The group is also for those who feel that male circumcision is a perfectly acceptable parental decision resulting from religious, cultural, or medical considerations. WE ARE PRO-RIC.” (RIC = Routine Infant Circumcision)

Inter-Circ Group

Inter-Circ Group

Recapping, the administrator for lemonred is Cassian Cox.



The admin for is private, but it doesn’t matter because it’s recognized as Brian Morris’ website

The registrant for James Badger’s websites (, .org and .com) is Guy Cox, with Cassian (his son) being the administrator.



The administrator for is Claude Cox.

The registrant for Guy Cox’s personal website,, is Guy Cox, with Cassian Cox as administrator.



The registrant for is private, however the contact us page has a P.O. Box which corresponds to the P.O. Box of Guy Cox Software (see previous screenshot).

boyguard-contact info

boyguard-contact info


Considering that James Badger appears to be a fictitious character, identified as a scientist at University of Sydney (but impossible to find through the staff directory), who owns three websites, who really published a survey on an Australian magazine in 1989, who is said to be neutral on the topic of circumcision, who is a member of circlist -a mailing list that accepts circumfetish-, who authored one erotic fiction book that includes the topic of circumcision, who then used his website to publish a review of said book speaking in third person, whose surveys have been used as reference by Brian Morris and Guy Cox, and who comments on internet articles about circumcision… We have to say, quite a talented and busy fictitious character!

If James Badger is a fictitious character, Brian Morris is lying by currently identifying him as the owner/author of and a scientist at University of Sydney, and by using his surveys as references; but if James Badger is not fictitious, then Brian Morris lied on his book by identifying him as a pen-name, and by attributing the website to Guy Cox back in 2007.

If James Badger is a fictitious character, Guy Cox lies by using his survey as reference and thanking him for allowing him to use the data; particularly if James Badger and Guy Cox are the same person.

If James Badger is a fictitious character, then it is incredibly ironic that Brian Morris, circlist, Guy Cox, and Badger himself behave as if James Badger really existed.

But if James Badger does exist, we would love to see more information on his work: publications, work story, bio, or at least one photo!


The association between Brian Morris and Lemonred is not as casual as looking for hosting companies in the yellow pages and shopping for prices and hosting packages. The owner of Lemonred, Guy Cox, happened to be a co-worker of Brian Morris at Sydney University, and also happens to be an independent researcher/author on topics of circumcision, outside his career path. Both of them have referenced each other on their papers and publications and coauthored at least one publication. Both have been known to participate on circumcision related mailing lists such as circlist and the Gilgal Society, funded by now convicted pedophile Vernon Quaintance.

Our investigation reveals that Cox also happens to be interested in interference in the sexual lives of children through chastity devices and circumcision . As our readers may remember, the very beginning of “medical” circumcision during the late 19th century was caused by a desire to prevent children from masturbating, and included chastity devices, infibulation of the penis (sewing the foreskin shut with a silver thread), circumcision without anesthesia and other similar barbarities, and included genital mutilation as a way of dealing with female masturbation (clitoridectomy, rubbing carbolic acid on the clitoris, removal of the labia, etc). The dynamic of power involved in controlling children’s sexuality opens the door for potential child abuse.

Both Morris and Cox are now retired professors but continue to participate in the debate over circumcision, with Morris particularly having a very active role in the public eye.

The media in general and particularly medical journals such as Mayo Clinic Proceedings; the University of Sydney, and the general public should be informed that Brian Morris lacks medical credentials to be speaking on the matter of circumcision; he is not a pediatrician, urologist, sexologist or physician in any capacity; Brian Morris is known to interact with individuals who openly practice circumfetishism or identify as “circumsexuals” and his website links to at least one circumfetish website. While he may outwardly portray an interest in child well-being and public health, this conflicts with the perverted interest in the forced circumcision of minors and/or sexual control and chastity of minors.


Thanks to all the anonymous individuals who in one way or another collaborated with this investigation from different corners of the world.

16 thoughts on “CIRCUMCISION: Lies and Fetishism at the University of Sydney

  1. Has the Uni of Sydney been informed of this ? if not they should be and Morris’s activities investigated. Such a shameful abuse of his academic position he should be denounced by the UNI of Sydney .

  2. James Badger also published a circumfetish work of fiction, and the PDF was generated by “Guy Cox”. This was replaced after two weeks with an identical one, save the PDF creator was now “James Badger”.

    The two are one and the same.

  3. It is posted to one of the circumfetish yahoo groups – it is entitled “An Airport Encounter”, but as mentioned – this is the revised version, that lists James Badger as author in the PDF metadata. Possibly some more document forensics may still turn up references to Guy Cox. Also, the document fetishizes a sexual relationship between minors. Depending on jurisdiction, you may not want to keep it around.

    1. Ah, so it’s possibly the same book mentioned in this article, of which, according to the ClaudeCox website, one hundred copies were printed at author’s request. Thank you.

  4. Wow, what a lot of hot air! I’m expecting to see a balloon overhead any time.

    Truth doesn’t seem to be welcome here, so maybe this message won’t be posted. But here is the truth.

    Around 1990, Guy Cox, an academic at the University of Sydney, had two young children and needed a larger house . His wife, also an academic, was only in a position to work part time so the family income was a bit strained. Since Guy was also a writer, with various bits and pieces to his credit, he decided to get a bit more involved in journalism. However, he didn’t want his hobby journalism to be associated with his University appointment since that would appear to give it an authority it didn’t deserve. Hence the nom de plume James Badger (deriving from his involvement as a long term cave explorer).

    One journalistic exercise, which aroused a lot on interest, was a survey on circumcision, conducted for Forum magazine, and published both in that magazine and in Penthouse. (For this who are interested Penthouse pays much better). Although this was just a piece of journalism it did have full ethical permission.

    That one, of many articles, captured people’s imagination. It also was noticed by Professor Brian Morris, who had got interested in circumcision from his studies on cervical cancer where it was clear that male circumcision had a protective effect. Contrary to what is stated on this site, that was central to his research.

    Guy is a cell biologist, but faced with that level of interest decided to research and write a paper on the ethnology of circumcision, which is cited here.

    Brian Morris took an interest in this, but the two didn’t actually meet up until many years later. Recently the editors of a book, originally called ‘The Circumcision Book’ but finally released as ‘Surgical Guide to Circumcision’ contacted both Brian and Guy to write for it. The end result was an ethnographical chapter ‘Why circumcision: from prehistory to the 21st century’ by Guy Cox and Brian Morris and a medical chapter ‘Current medical evidence supports male circumcision’ by Brian Morris and Guy Cox.

    This is a substantial book from a leading academic publisher, so these chapters can be regarded as the state of the art at this time. I suppose that can be considered bad news for ‘foreskin fetishitists’ but that’s not my problem, I’m only interested in science.

    James Badger and/or Guy Cox

    1. Mr. Cox! Nice to hear from you! Of course we will approve your side of the story, we have been most interested in listening to it.

      What I get from your comment here, is that the use of a pseudonym derived from an interest in keeping separated your academic work and your journalistic/writing work, the latter coming to Mr. Morris’ attention, and deriving into a collaboration, now under your real name, published on the Çircumcision book’. Ok, good so far.

      Now, here are some of the problems I have:

      Mr. Cox, you thanked James Badger in your ‘De Virginibus Perisque’ (or alternatively, Mr. Badger, you were thanked by Mr. Cox in his ‘De Virginibus Perisque’) thus helping maintain the idea that the two of you were individual individuals (sorry for the alliteration).

      Mr. Morris has referred to Badger as a Sydney University Researcher – thus, creating a real lie. He should have either referred to Cox, or not mentioned Sydney University.

      To this day, Mr. Morris’ website and brochures refer to one of your circumcision websites as James Badger’s website. Mr. Morris also refers to Mr. Shteynshlyuger’s website as Pierre LaCock’s website. Of course that would be more of Mr. Morris’ problem than yours, as it shows a certain lack of transparency on his end.

      You say you are only interested in science, but I would say you are also interested in circumcision per se, since you have created websites about it, written articles about it, written fiction about it, and run a survey about it. Actually one thing I appreciate about your survey is that you acknowledge the mechanical differences between the intact and the circumcised penis, something most circumcision ‘advocates’ fail to do.

      Now, I think it remains undisputed that your son is providing hosting for your websites, for Mr. Morris website, for BoyGuard, and for Claude Cox’s website (is Claude your brother? Your other son?)

      How come the AboutCirc site does not have an about us or any other kind of credit to the author?

      What was James Badger’s interest in presenting the BoyGuard website to circlist? Why is BoyGuard’s mailing address the same as Lemonred’s mailing address?

      Are you the author of the BoyGuard website? Is it a real product, or fiction?

      Those are the questions that still trouble us, Mr. Cox, and if you are only interested in science and want to provide the truth, please be so kind to put these questions to rest.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

    1. Yes, the site is down and they are trying to sell the domain through a company called Synergy Wholesale. The timing says much, just one month after James Badger left a comment on this blog, and shortly before a new paper coauthored by Brian Morris and Guy Cox becomes public.

      1. Interesting that the “Circumcision Information” site run by “Pierre LaCock” is also hosted by Lemonred.

      2. Look, boyguard was a joke. and always intended as such. If you were stupid enough to take it seriously, more fool you. The whole advantage of having a pseudonym is that I can take things light-heartedly since it isn’t formally related to my academic activities. The reason I did it was that a site (not longer in existence) promoted a similar device but was totally unconvincing. So I decided to try to make something more plausible. It was a work of fiction and I enjoy writing fiction (as someone has pointed out). If you are so po-faced that you can’t enjpy light-hearted fiction then, well, take a laxative and go to the po!

        The site was intended to run for one year but it was so much fun that I extended it for a second. Then I gave up the domain. If anyone is now trying to sell it it’s nothing to do with me.

        Back to the real me – I was a member of the Faculty of Science for much of my career but now I am in the Faculty of Medicine, in the Department of Medical Science, discipline of Histology and Anatomy. So why exactly I shouldn’t publish histological information related to circumcision is completely beyond my understanding.

        Frankly, there do seem to be some very weird people on this site. But, as you have seen, I’m always willing to be totally straight with you. The converse doesn’t seem to be true.


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