Edgar Schoen, MD passed away

Edgar Schoen, M.D., (August 10, 1925 – August 23, 2016) passed away peacefully in his sleep on August 23, at his home and surrounded by family.

Edgar Schoen was an American Jewish Physician and worked as a Clinical Professor in Pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco. In 1987, Schoen was appointed head of the Task Force on Circumcision by the American Association of Pediatrics, where he pushed for routine infant circumcision, but the neonatologists on Schoen’s committee wouldn’t go for it. Under his supervision, the AAP released the Policy Statement on circumcision of 1989, which was greatly reverted by a new statement in 1999. Schoen angrily criticized the overriding statement of 1999 in a letter titled “It’s Wise to Circumcise: Time to Change Policy

As an enthusiastic circumcision promoter, Schoen shamelessly mixed medical, religious and cultural arguments. His bias was clearly obvious in some of his latest articles, such as “Circumcision is not only Jewish, it’s good for you” (JWeekly, 2013) or his 2009 book “Circumcision, Sex, God, and Science: Modern Health Benefits of an Ancient Ritual“.

We share a recently released video interview conducted by James Loewen in 2009, where Dr. Schoen expresses his views rather freely.

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