Florida circumcision case – update

Breaking news. Or, heart-breaking news.

After Monday’s first audience in front of a Federal Court, Attorney Thomas Hunker, attorney for Heather Hironimus, filed a Withdrawal of Motion and Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of the federal case.


Another boy’s right to physical integrity and genital autonomy has gone down the drain. Father is now free to collect his trophy.


cut these veins
Remember: the medical witness clearly said that the child does not have phimosis and the surgery is unnecessary. The mother expressed her fear of the risks, particularly the risk of death because of the anesthesia. Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen did not see merit enough in that risk, or the risk of psychological harm, to protect a vulnerable child from an unnecessary genital amputation, performed only to appease the father.

United States of America, the country where men do not own their genitals. Land of the wounded, home of the mutilators.

5 thoughts on “Florida circumcision case – update

  1. this makes me sick to my stomach knowing adult men have decided to unnecessarily mutilate a 4 1/2 yr old helpless boys penis. This is seriously disturbing. I hope they get mental help and are forced to resign their positions due to insanity. Our thoughts are with Chase and Heather.

  2. This breaks my heart. I truly feel it should be the childs decision no matter what age he is. Its his body. It should be his right. For the mom i feel heavy hearted as i am a mother myself . Im sure she has felt injustice and saddened by the outcome when infact all she(a mother) tried to do was to protect her childs emotional, physical well being and rights.

  3. Fringe groups my ass.

    It is very simple. Chase is almost 5 years old. He is a total pawn to his father. He father doesn’t give a shit whether Case wants to have the end of his penis, his foreskin, cut off. He may be terrified. I sure would be.

    The two judges are despicable human beings. I can fully imagine that they would have been capable of tarring and feathering the last slavery abolitionist in their town, on the eve of he civil war. I am sure they sleep well. This child will grow up to despise his father completely and these despicable men made this possible. Another family screwed royally by the so called justice system.

    The lawyers in this case are equally responsible and at fault. I am appalled by all of them.

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