Florida: Nebus tries to prohibit Hironimus from using funds

Why a mother has to hide in a domestic violence shelter to protect her son from an unnecessary genital surgery?

Why is a father so obsessed with the idea of circumcising his child?

Why is a judge so culturally biased that he fails to see the child as a human being?

Will the court prohibit the mother from using funds collected by those who want to help her protect her child?

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This is Dennis Nebus, a man who apparently has nothing else to do than to think how to get the foreskin of his child amputated.

nebusDennis, please think how your child feels hiding in a domestic violence shelter… because of you!

You may not realize it, but circumcision is act of violence. One that was committed on your body, and which you seem to think “it’s normal” to repeat on your child.

Dennis, there are far more important things to parenting than altering your child’s genitalia. All this time, all these emotions, all that money, could have been better used in bonding with your son, building a future for him.

There is still time to realize that this is a ridiculous fight over something that does not concern you. Over something that only concerns your child.

Man up! It’s not your body. Respect your child and respect his body.


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