James Badger/ Guy Cox contacted us

10 months ago we posted about Guy Cox/James Badger. We were surprised to find a comment from Mr. Cox himself on the comment queue, waiting for approval. Contrary to what Mr. Cox said, we were happy to hear from him and to approve his comment, and we added a few questions on facts that we still don’t understand completely.

So we invite our readers to read Mr. Cox’s comment, on our May of 2014 post, “Circumcision, Lies and Fetishism at the University of Sydney

2 thoughts on “James Badger/ Guy Cox contacted us

  1. How many balloons are you filling with all this hot air?

    Just to get it straight, as an academic I naturally publish under my own name, Guy Cox. You have given some of my recent publications good publicity. for which I thank you. What is more, it will probably lead to many of your readers getting a straighter view of circumcision when they read them. Good stuff!

    25 years ago, when I had a very young family and my wife, naturally, couldn’t work full time, I turned to journalism (always an interest of mine) to earn some extra pennies. A popular explanation of sexuality based on science was something I was well qualified to provide, and which proved popular with readers. But it had to be separated from my academic life, so I took the nom de plume James Badger (based on my nickname as a well-known cave explorer). Yes, I wrote about circumcision, and conducted a survey on that topic to which all you anti-circ people could, and did, contribute. But I’m afraid that you were well and truly out-voted. But I also published articles on a very wide range of other sex-related topics. Maybe you didn’t notice them, but they did actually help a lot of people.

    Your rubbish about conflict of interest leaves me baffled. I am not earning any money out of circumcision or anything related to it. My Forum and Penthouse articles on the topic were decades before the Sexual Medicine article you mention and wouldn’t have been a conflict of interest anyway.

    I am not, as I made plain before, seeking to hide my identity in any way. Many others before me have needed to use pen names (George Eliot, Currer Bell. Miles Franklin, Isaak Dinensen are just a few) and as such I am part of a long and honorable tradition.

    James Badger aka Guy Cox, MA, DPhil (Oxon)

    1. Hello Mr. Cox,

      First I don’t understand why you keep calling us anti-circ. We are all for circumcision… for consenting individuals. We live in a society that values individual freedom, and as such, the alteration of one’s genitals should be a decision that one and only one is entitled to make.

      Second, congratulations on closing your boyguard website. That was an embarrassing concept. I guess your closing the site makes for your decision to ignore our questions about it.

      Third, voting on a body part is simply irrelevant. Each one should decide on his own and that’s that.

      Finally, a conflict of interest (COI) is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests (financial, emotional, or otherwise), one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation of the individual or organization. Your interest on circumcision may not be financial, but you certainly have emotion and bias that you are not disclosing, just like Mr. Morris. How was it that Mr. Morris described you? That Badger “used to regard himself as neutral on the issue of circumcision, but would now appear swayed by the evidence into adopting a ‘pro’ stance”? But Badger was never really neutral, was he, considering he wrote erotic fiction about circumcision?

      We are perfectly fine with sending readers to your papers. People need to read all sides of an issue to make their own conclusions. We, ourselves, read pretty much every new material that comes out on circumcision, genital integrity, etc., that we can get our hands on.

      Best wishes Mr. Cox, any time you wish to keep counting hot air balloons we will be here for you.

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