James Badger/ Guy Cox contacted us

10 months ago we posted about Guy Cox/James Badger. We were surprised to find a comment from Mr. Cox himself on the comment queue, waiting for approval. Contrary to what Mr. Cox said, we were happy to hear from him and to approve his comment, and we added a few questions on facts that we still don’t understand completely.

So we invite our readers to read Mr. Cox’s comment, on our May of 2014 post, “Circumcision, Lies and Fetishism at the University of Sydney

3 thoughts on “James Badger/ Guy Cox contacted us

  1. How many balloons are you filling with all this hot air?

    Just to get it straight, as an academic I naturally publish under my own name, Guy Cox. You have given some of my recent publications good publicity. for which I thank you. What is more, it will probably lead to many of your readers getting a straighter view of circumcision when they read them. Good stuff!

    25 years ago, when I had a very young family and my wife, naturally, couldn’t work full time, I turned to journalism (always an interest of mine) to earn some extra pennies. A popular explanation of sexuality based on science was something I was well qualified to provide, and which proved popular with readers. But it had to be separated from my academic life, so I took the nom de plume James Badger (based on my nickname as a well-known cave explorer). Yes, I wrote about circumcision, and conducted a survey on that topic to which all you anti-circ people could, and did, contribute. But I’m afraid that you were well and truly out-voted. But I also published articles on a very wide range of other sex-related topics. Maybe you didn’t notice them, but they did actually help a lot of people.

    Your rubbish about conflict of interest leaves me baffled. I am not earning any money out of circumcision or anything related to it. My Forum and Penthouse articles on the topic were decades before the Sexual Medicine article you mention and wouldn’t have been a conflict of interest anyway.

    I am not, as I made plain before, seeking to hide my identity in any way. Many others before me have needed to use pen names (George Eliot, Currer Bell. Miles Franklin, Isaak Dinensen are just a few) and as such I am part of a long and honorable tradition.

    James Badger aka Guy Cox, MA, DPhil (Oxon)

    1. Hello Mr. Cox,

      First I don’t understand why you keep calling us anti-circ. We are all for circumcision… for consenting individuals. We live in a society that values individual freedom, and as such, the alteration of one’s genitals should be a decision that one and only one is entitled to make.

      Second, congratulations on closing your boyguard website. That was an embarrassing concept. I guess your closing the site makes for your decision to ignore our questions about it.

      Third, voting on a body part is simply irrelevant. Each one should decide on his own and that’s that.

      Finally, a conflict of interest (COI) is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests (financial, emotional, or otherwise), one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation of the individual or organization. Your interest on circumcision may not be financial, but you certainly have emotion and bias that you are not disclosing, just like Mr. Morris. How was it that Mr. Morris described you? That Badger “used to regard himself as neutral on the issue of circumcision, but would now appear swayed by the evidence into adopting a ‘pro’ stance”? But Badger was never really neutral, was he, considering he wrote erotic fiction about circumcision?

      We are perfectly fine with sending readers to your papers. People need to read all sides of an issue to make their own conclusions. We, ourselves, read pretty much every new material that comes out on circumcision, genital integrity, etc., that we can get our hands on.

      Best wishes Mr. Cox, any time you wish to keep counting hot air balloons we will be here for you.

    2. Only 3 kinds of people could be for chopping up baby

      One is idiots.

      Let’s see ‘doctor’, if you gouge out one eye will it affect your eyesight? Oh, it does? Do you have a ‘study’ to prove that? Or would common sense tell you that?

      If I stick a pencil in one ear will it affect hearing? Yes? Again, ‘doctor’ do you have a study to prove that? Or would common sense tell you
      that? We gouged out an eye and he could read the letters on the
      opposite wall.

      Headline: ‘Gouging out an eye has no effect on eyesight study proves.’

      We played the piano and he still heard even with a pencil sticking out of one ear. See that tympanic membrane of one ear is just vestigial tissue left over from when mammals needed to triangulate sound back when that was needed. We have a headphone which has made two ears unnecessary.

      That’s really how dumb you sound to normal, educated people.

      You saying it doesn’t affect men when I know men that can reach down and stroke that skin and say, ‘Ahhhhhh now THAT feels good, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD!” After I have described the anatomy and requested a quick test this is EXACTLY how it is according to quite a few European and South American men I have talked to. In particular the ridged band, the frenulum, and the frenular delta. Not surprising how they follow the studies of Taylor and Sorrells. But that’s just conjecture, RIGHT? No need for actual brain cells firing that would completely support such a notion.

      You want US to believe that removing 1/3 to 1/2 of the SURFACE area of a SENSE organ has NO EFFECT ON SENSATION???? WOW!!!!! JUST WOW!!!!!!

      Not only that, you want me to believe some completely ridiculous survey you supposedly did? Let’s play in la la land with you for a moment. Let’s say you are right. Let’s say by some Hobbit level imagination you did this survey.

      You want MEN to admit their dick is reduced when they never experienced the actual sensations all without medical knowledge and imbued with cultural ignorance? If they were MUTILATED as adults, YOU want US to take the word of some socially beaten-up, ostracized, coward loser who probably has never been laid and blames his Saturday night wanking and a lifetime of public shaming on his extra flap of foreskin?

      Have you heard of sociology? Cultural anthropology?

      WE are not that stupid doctor.

      Neither is the world that is waking up to the pedos in the mist.

      Meissner Corpuscles don’t contribute to sexual sensation? Curious, what make lips so fun to kiss with? Maybe it has something to do with Meissner Corpuscles? Naw, can’t be that. Sure buddy and rods and cones don’t sense light and the tympanic membrane has NOTHING to do with hearing.

      You really believe that?

      All senses are decoded in the brain. Those nerves are no longer contributing to the brain. It’s a penis reduction surgery no matter how you ‘slice’ it MORON!

      My god, you can’t be THAT DUMB!

      Another basic FACT of biology: natural selection doesn’t select for an inherent disease-causing tissue. I have NEVER heard of a cat needing a mutilated penis. I have NEVER heard of a dog needing a mutilated penis.

      Yet 5,500 mammal species survive in the wild with all their penis. Isn’t that unclean and a source of disease and infection? Can you tell me how many of those species know how to shower?

      What about women? Are they not MORE likely to get infections? Do they NOT have a LARGER crevasse ripe for disease and bacteria? *cough cough* microbiome. You might want to google that word ‘doctor’.

      Genghis Khan, Alexandar the Great, Hitler and too numerous people to count conquered large parts of the world all without their dangerous
      disease-ridden foreskin reaching up in the night and strangling them. In fact, all of human history, men lived just fine with all their genitals.

      Who needs circumcision? Homo Sapien Sapiens? Or your neck? One needs it for sure, just hoping this elementary exercise in common sense will illuminate which circumcision the world needs. Who knows, maybe nature made another mistake. Natural selection violating the laws of ecology again.

      UTIs, HPV, Penial Cancer, AIDS all debunked, trivial at best, pseudoscience NONSENSE!!!!! AND YOU KNOW THIS!!!! AND WE KNOW YOU KNOW THIS!!!!!

      One only has to use common sense. It’s called SUBTRACTION! If you SUBTRACT dense nerves, as demonstrated under the microscope of Taylor and the filaments of Sorrells, you REDUCE SENSITIVITY!!!!! Do you need a calculator ‘doctor’?

      Okay, can’t be that. You can’t actually believe that garbage a five-year-old can reason through.

      That’s not it ‘doctor’. NOT FOR YOU!!!! And I use the term ‘doctor’ facetiously.

      Number two reason someone could possibly conceive of chopping up infants – culturally brainwashed people.

      Oh, but aren’t you taught to be non-biased and objective? Logic and science 101? Again there would have to be a little to a lot of down syndrome just to fall for this fallacy.

      Third and final option of what could make someone a child
      sexual abuser is WHO YOU ARE! It’s simple. You are a circumfetish pedophile who gets off on the power, mutilation, torture, and pain of mutilating helpless infants.

      The future will judge you severely coward. The world is leaving you and your gaggle of high-functioning, blatantly pseudoscience pedos behind. We will look back on you as the sickos you are. We will KNOW and the world WILL KNOW!!!

      Your legacy will be the world hating you with as much vitriol as I HATE YOU and as many AWARE MEN AND WOMEN HATE YOU!!! You will be lucky if you live out your life without one of the damaged men who’s psychology and sexuality you damaged for life coming after you.

      WE GROW UP ‘DOCTOR’! And quite a few of us have two firing synapses. I’m just saying. That’s the beauty of variety in the human genome and the epigenetic influence you caused.

      You are no less sick and evil as Mengele.

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