Jonathon Conte’s vanishing obituary

On May 9th, our friend, intactivist Jonathon Conte committed suicide. While I tried, I couldn’t bring myself to post here. I paid my respects privately and silently.

Last week we became aware that the Tampa Bay Times had published an obituary – including a guestbook. Many noticed that the obituary made no mention of Jonathon’s selfless work in pro of the rights of children – or of his surviving partner.

Jonathon Conte's obituary on the Tampa Bay Times

Jonathon Conte’s obituary on the Tampa Bay Times

Many comments were added to the guestbook- including one that I submitted. One intactivist paid a fee to keep the obituary active.

Today we learn that the obituary – and all comments- have suddenly vanished.

The link to the obituary page returns a 404 error (not found), and the link to the guestbook returns a 200 error.

The guestbook was originally set to be online until 7/3/2016 – before an intactivist paid to make it permanent. So why was it deleted? Who is censoring Jonathon’s work past his death?

Jonathon Conte's obituary guestbook


3 thoughts on “Jonathon Conte’s vanishing obituary

    1. Apparently a family member requested it to be taken down, probably because of all the activists mentioning unmentionable things.

      I understand the intactivist requested the refund and I think they were going to refund it without problems.

  1. IMPORTANT to know at age 14 Jonathon Conte discovered his human rights to body autonomy and genital integrity sex had been surgically violated by his mother to satisfy her mistaken religious Christian view advocating newborn circu[mutilation]. She also told him she would still do the same for her Christian religion regardless that he felt sexually violated by penile mutilation. Also throughout high school his mother forced Jonathon into conversion therapy. No wonder he hated crosses and called out these acts against him and all others as Evil, that every form must be stopped everywhere. So it’s egregious and completely disrespectful to Jonathon to solicit funds to further the very same entity that had tortured and persecuted him in life.

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