Judge Jessica Ticktin

Judge Jessica Ticktin

Judge Jessica Ticktin

Judge Jessica Ticktin,

The son of Dennis Nebus and Heather Hironimus is suffering a life-threatening disease. The courts succeeded in satisfying the father’s wish for a circumcision. That’s done, there’s no turning back. Now, please do what is humane and decent, allow this child the support and comfort of his mother as he fights for his life.

According to West Boca News, you are “passionate about children and as a result [have] spent much of [your] career handling family law cases“. Please look for the child. Please do what is right, before it’s too late.

Palm Beach Post: Boy at center of circumcision controversy reportedly ill

WPBF 25 News: Child in circumcision case diagnosed with serious illness


2 thoughts on “Judge Jessica Ticktin

  1. Too bad she is such a coward that she didn’t even give clear enough dates or instructions to allow Heather to even see her son on a regular basis.

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