Medline – and the Mogen Clamp

While writing the previous post about the baby in Johannesburg who lost part of the penis during a Jewish circumcision, I went to look for a 2014 Recall notice that prohibits several companies, including Medline Industries, from distributing the Mogen clamp because they didn’t market the device prior to 1976, therefore they don’t meet the requirements to be considered “pre-amendment”.

But what I found was something different. I found the Mogen clamp listed in the online catalog of Medline Industries. And no indication whatsoever of this device being recalled.

Mogen clamp in Medline's online catalog - in spite of a 2014 FDA recall notice

Mogen clamp in Medline’s online catalog – in spite of a 2014 FDA recall notice


One thought on “Medline – and the Mogen Clamp

  1. The recall prohibits them from selling the non-grandfathered Instrumed mogen clamp. If you look at their website, they are selling one from a company named K├Ânig, which is fine.

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