Mission Statement

The creators of this page hold genital integrity and self-autonomy to be inalienable human rights. Unless there is clinical or medical necessity, no scientist, researcher, doctor, mohel, or other person has the right to forcefully mutilate the genitals of healthy, non-consenting individual, much less offer the parents of said individual any kind of “choice.” Unless there is clinical or medical indication, taking a healthy, non-consenting individual, strapping him/her down and forcefully cutting off his/her genitals in whole or in part, is by definition forced genital mutilation, abuse, and a violation of basic human rights, even when performed as a coming-of-age ritual part of a religious and/or cultural creed.

Wiki Page

An accompanying wiki page is being built, which will replace circleaks and intactipedia. This wikisite will be used as reference and support for all claims. The url is: http://www.intactwiki.org


The purpose of this page is to present the facts and serve as an editorial, to expose the unstated conflicts of interest in institutions, organizations and/or individuals that promote circumcision and circumcision “research,” expose connections between them, and to help officials of law enforcement and medical agencies deal with those groups and individuals listed here for the safety and health of others.

Some of the information on this page may be incriminating of certain institutions, organizations and individuals. The facts presented on this page are what they are, and do not blame the creators and contributors of this page.

The creators of this page strive to keep it a credible resource, ensuring that all content of this page is not invented or fabricated: the information presented is properly sourced, verifiable material that is available on record, as referenced on the accompanying wiki, and if any material were found to be false or untrue, it must be brought to the administrators’ attention, and it will be removed promptly.


The following are preemptive responses to some possible accusations.


CircWatch prides itself on verifiable accuracy. Anyone may check the validity of any claim by checking the citations. If a claim is shown to be false, the claim will be altered or removed to reflect the new and more accurate information. If anyone finds anything on this page to be false, all one has to do is demonstrate the error, and said error will be removed or corrected.


Readers may notice that we deem it important to mention religious affiliation of doctors, scientists and researchers. We ask that you please do not conflate our assessment of potential bias and conflicts of interest with anti-Semitism. Our assessment of potential bias includes not only adherents of Judaism, but members of all countries, cultures, religions and/or ethnic groups where circumcision is an accepted norm and/or requirement. Please see the circleaks’s statement on religion and culture for further details.

Ad Hominem

It must be made clear that ad-hominem is not the same as pointing out a conflict of interest. Where a source seeks to convince by a claim of authority or by personal observation, identification of conflicts of interest are not ad hominem. As stated above, it is generally well accepted that an “authority” needs to be objective and impartial, and that an audience can only evaluate information from a source if they know about conflicts of interest that may affect the objectivity of the source. Identification of a conflict of interest is appropriate, and concealment of a conflict of interest is a problem.