Nebus vs Hironimus: Arrest warrant

Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen has entered an order of attachment (arrest warrant) in the case of Dennis Nebus vs. Heather Hironimus, in the dispute over the unnecessary circumcision of a 4 year old child.

The circumstances have changed considerably since the time when Hironimus signed the parental agreement, stating that Nebus would schedule and pay for the circumcision. At that time, Chase was about 1 year of age. Nebus then did nothing for a while, and by the time he wanted to do something, Hironimus had been educated on the subject, realizing that she was not properly informed of what a circumcision entailed when she signed the agreement, and stated that she had changed her mind and did not want her son to undergo the procedure with the additional risk of general anesthesia.

How far does a mother have to go in order to protect her son from an unnecessary amputation of normal healthy genital tissue?

Why is Dennis Nebus so adamant about submitting his son to an unnecessary surgery?


Why does Judge Gillen fail to see Chase as a human being?

Judge Gillen has stated incomplete facts about circumcision during this trial.

Judge Gillen

What should we call two men who conspire to wound the body of a child?

Where do you go when your own government fails to protect you?

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