Stolen skin – from a corporation or from babies?

“We’re known as the most ethical company in the business”
Angelyn Lowe
Director of corporate communications at Organogenesis.

A Pennsylvania man has been accused of stealing 219 orders of skin grafts from the company he worked for, Organogenosis. These items had an estimated price of $350,000 ($1,700 each).

What the news are not mentioning is that those grafts are produced using newborn foreskins retained after infant circumcisions. Organogenosis’ products, have been previously profiled by circleaks, see Apligraf and Dermagraft.

Now, exactly how does a corporation obtain neonatal foreskins to be used as part of a profitable manufacturing process?

I invite you to see this neonatal circumcision consent form from the University of Virginia Health System.

Let’s start with the obvious, on numeral 2:

I understand my diagnosis/condition to be: Uncircumcised Newborn Male

The fact that it is written in first person seems fraudulent. No newborn can read and sign off on this line. Everything is done through proxy consent, which is problematic given the “elective” nature of the procedure.

But also, the fact that being an uncircumcised newborn male is considered a diagnosis is problematic. Every male is born uncircumcised, and that is normal.  It should be obvious!

But let’s move to numeral 8:

I understand that any tissues or parts removed during my procedure may be disposed of by the hospital or used for any lawful purpose including education and research

Did you see the text where it said “sold to manufacturing companies for profit”? Of course not. But that’s exactly what this line does. It authorizes the hospital to retain the foreskin and use it for research, education OR any other LAWFUL purpose.

Never mind that retaining and selling tissue obtained from minors seems contrary to all ethical principles regarding commercial use of human tissue.

One thought on “Stolen skin – from a corporation or from babies?

  1. A small comment. A male is emphatically not born “uncircumcised”. He is born Intact. Would any form ever refer to an “uninfibulated female”? I rest my case.

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