Tyranny and patriarchy in America – let’s break those mothers who wish to protect their children from unnecessary genital surgery!

You may have heard that thing of home of the free, land of the brave?

I don’t know what country they were talking about. Certainly not the United States of America.

Let’s follow the recent developments in the Heather Hironimus / Dennis Nebus case:

After lawyer Thomas Hunker filed to dismiss the federal case last Wednesday (the child’s last legal possibility to preserve his genital integrity), a date for Heather to appear before the judge was set, for today, May 22th of 2015 at 10:30 AM.

Heather had been in jail one week and one day without seeing a judge.

Judge Jeffrey Dana Guillen has played doctor through the legal proceedings, touting the benefits of the procedure, dismissing the risks, dismissing Heather's fears and Chase's wishes, and ignoring the expert testimony that the circumcision is not medically necessary and the doctor himself wouldn't circumcise a son at that age.

Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen.

Heather was transferred from the Paul Rein detention facility in Ft. Lauderdale, to a Palm Beach jail around midnight. One has to ask, why around midnight, especially when she was to appear in court in the morning? Sleep deprivation? Psychological torture?

Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen told Heather that she would be held indefinitively unless she signed the consent form for circumcision – “the clearest instruction in the world“.

Heather initially declined and lawyers left. But then she changed her mind, and crying and hadcuffed signed the consent form.

May Cain, new attorney for Dennis Nebus

May Cain, new attorney for Dennis Nebus

Nebus’ new attorney , May Cain, requested full custody for Nebus, suspension of the parenting agreement rule that each parent notify the other. She wants Nebus to be able to enroll the child in voluntary pre kinder without consulting with Heather and to have him circumcised anywhere in United States without notifying Heather before or after.

Attorney May Cain said extraordinary measures are necessary because “intactivists continue to make death and kidnapping threats on social media”, and the judge agreed.

Judge Gillen chastised Attorney Thomas Hunker for being in touch with “fringe circumcision” groups and extremists – alluding the email Hunker directed to the intactivist community on Monday announcing the dismissal of the federal case. Hunker apologized for being in touch with “those people” and swore that he has had no contact with intactivists since then.

(“Those people”, including the over 11,000 followers of the Chase’s Guardians Facebook page, collected thousands of dollars to pay the bills from Thomas Hunker.)

According to the Sun Sentinel, while the contempt charges have now been dropped, Heather still faces a criminal charge of interferring with custody, from her time keeping the boy from his father in an apparent violation of a custody-sharing agreement. The charge is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in state prison for a conviction and will appear before a criminal court judge next Tuesday


From Shyann Malone, anchor/reporter in South Florida


Marc Freeman, criminal courts reporter for Sun Sentinel

So there you have it, this is what happens when you threaten the patriarchy to try to protect a child’s right to physical integrity in the United States. That infectious cultural disease that is forced genital cutting will attack you with all its might to make an example of you. It will ruin you.

If a foreskin is such a “negligible thing” in this culture, how come there is such a forceful strength used to dispose of it?

It’s ironic that courts in Israel, where over 90% of the boys are circumcised for religious reasons, had the common sense to protect the right of one child to remain intact when the mother did not agree to the circumcision, but in the United States, where circumcision is not even a religious issue, they will destroy you and they will label everyone who helps you as “fringe groups” and “extremists”… until they break you… until you provide…


This is not the face of someone about to sign real consent

This is not the face of someone about to sign real consent

This is not how you sign your consent

This is not how you sign your consent

This is not what you do when you really consent

This is not what you do when you really consent

This is not the face of a person who consented

This is not the face of a person who consented

These photos belong to the Sun Sentinel

These photos belong to the Sun Sentinel


Forced consent isn't consent. It's rape.
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