Vernon Quaintance pled guilty (pro circumcision – Gilgal Society)

A former sacristan for the Knights of Malta has pleaded guilty to nine sex offences including those against boys as young as 11 he had met in the 1960s and 70s.


On Wednesday this week a court heard that Quaintance, 71, was a paedophile who also ran a pro-circumcision group. Southwark Crown Court heard he accumulated images as recently as 2011.

He was also a leader of the Gilgal Society, a group claiming to promote male circumcision and “its benefits in terms of health, sexual satisfaction and self-image.”

In 2012, he was found guilty of possessing nine hours of child pornography on video tapes. This week he pleaded guilty to five counts of indecency with a child between 1966 and 1976 and four counts of possession of indecent images. An additional count of sexual assault alleged to have taken place in 2011 on a child was left to lie on file.

* The Gilgal Society’s website has now been rebranded The Circumcision Helpdesk

One thought on “Vernon Quaintance pled guilty (pro circumcision – Gilgal Society)

  1. Amazes me how here in the US anything pro circumcision becomes big news. I’ve seem Time magazine over and over feature unchallenged pro infant circumcision stories.
    The Mayo Clinic, even features one of Brian Morris’s rants.

    NPR interviews pro circumcision people without any counter point and accepts the advantages of it and its apparent health and even sexual benefits.

    By the same radio NPR is aghast at female circumcision and refrains from using circumcision in its context, rather saying female genital mutilation.

    Now, we have CDC urging all males circumcised and its direct is a Jewish pro circumcision advocate. AAP likewise has financial motives in stirring the pot.
    They say coyly its not for everybody, but doctors should advise of its advantages and public money should pay for it on demand.

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